👋 Hey there, I'm Alex.

I work as the head of engineering and product at Bridgespace. We're building technology to enable the world's first global campus community with live events, experiences, and impact projects.

I'm 17 years old and I recently graduated high school. I currently study at the University of Waterloo. My interests are in full-stack web development, machine learning, computer vision, and philosophy. Take a look at my GitHub or my blog if you want an idea of what I work on.

If you need to reach me, email me at [email protected]. You can also take a look at my LinkedIn or my resume if you're curious.

Work Experience

Head of Engineering and Product, June 2020-Present

Building technology to enable a global community to discover and share events, resources and projects for students.


Co-founder, May 2020-Present

Thoughts, stories, and ideas on rationality, culture, politics, science, and technology. Focused on diversity of ideas and the right to free expression.


BES Geomatics, Minor in Computing, 2020-2025

Someone save me from this boredom. I would totally do the Thiel Fellowship or 1517 Fund.