I Have Not Seen a Starry Night Sky

I Have Not Seen a Starry Night Sky

August 26, 2021 · 1 min read · 117 words

On January 17th, 1994, an earthquake knocked out power citywide in LA. Residents called 911 and the local observatory, confused of what they were seeing in the sky. It was the Milky Way.

Growing up in a suburban Toronto, I've never seen a starry night sky or the Milky Way in real life. I also don't think I'm the only 18-year-old who never has either. I never thought all that much about light pollution until now.

I just find this pretty weird. The Milky Way is always up there, I just can't see it. But that's okay. I accept that building a civilization requires sacrifices. I just don't want to forget about the universe above our heads.

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